About Us

our family

My name is Linda Gibbardo and I own the Village Ice Cream Shop (VICS) in Spencerport, NY and the Village Ice Cream Shop In North Chili (VICS INC). After several years in corporate America working as an engineer, a software consultant, and an IT manager, I decided to follow my dream of owning my own ice cream shop.  VICS in Spencerport was established in 2017. My husband is a native of Spencerport and I grew up in Macedon…(Yes, I am a 315er and proud of it!) We have one child who is currently in the 10th grade.  We adopted him from Guatemala and we consider ourselves to be the most fortunate people in the world to have him in our lives.

In the summer of 2022, I opened a second VICS shop in North Chili, NY. Owning and operating VICS and VICS INC allow me the opportunity to meet the wonderful folks in our community while tapping into the creative side of my brain a bit.  I also think it is my responsibility as a business owner to provide my young employees (many of whom are embarking on their first job) with a work experience that will provide a strong foundation for anything they choose to pursue in the future.  Our employees are integral to our success and I am extremely proud of our team.

giving back

Tips are not necessary at our shop.  We strive to provide friendly, fast, courteous service.  If you do leave us tips, we donate the money to a different local charity each month.  Additionally, we do our best to support our community.  You can see some of the ways we give back on our Charity and Support Page.

our product

We absolutely love ice cream…. but not just any ice cream.  We love really great ice cream.  You know, the stuff with a really high butter fat content.   After researching several brands of hard ice cream, we decided on Gifford’s from Maine.  Gifford’s has been in business since the 1800s.  Because they use only premium ingredients and high-quality manufacturing processes, we know you will taste the difference!

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